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Software, apps and tools

A list of software, applications, and tools - how they work together and how they can be used. Sync everything to everything Usually, applications have options to sync between several applications, for example, Garmin to Strava. However, there is one application actually King of the Hill here: tapiriik, it can sync a lot of applications and has options to sync one-way, two-way. It is free to use if you are willing to push the sync button manually, for a whopping $5 a year the process is automated and if you use it frequently you should supporting it. A nice option is to synchronize the "raw" data directly to a Dropbox account.

Bone density compared between athletes of different disciplines

It would seem reasonable that triathletes have a high bone density due to their broad range of exercise types. However, this does not seem to hold [1]. According to [2], triathletes are only second to ballet dancers when it comes to training hours, however, regarding bone density, it does not show. In paper [4] it is shown that after a full season of triathlon training not much change was detected in bone density. I'm not a doctor section Osteo: bone related, osteogenic referring to bone creation. BMD: bone mass density, higher means stronger bones and less chance of fractures. Among other things, our body increases bone density when we put them under stress, aka training. However, only where the stress is applied bone density increases, so some research papers distinguish for example, between hip bone and spine.  Conclusion This cross-sectional study has shown that power/combat athletes, team sport athletes and sport students have greater BMD than endurance trained