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Software and tools

Types of software and tools

Basically, there are two types of tools. Tools that can only be used for the analysis and storage of your activity or tools generating these activities. For example, your activity tracker generates the activity which you can analyze in Trainingpeaks. Note that when using simulation tools like Trainerroad these tools generate the activity instead of your activity tracker.

The main tools I use are the following:
  • Garmin Connect, all activities recorded on my Garmin watch are stored here
  • Strava, a social platform for athletes; I keep track of my training buddies here.
  • Trainingpeaks, plan races and training schedules; gives an overview of the current training load, fatigue, and fitness. I also add feedback for each training here which in turn is used by my trainer.
  • Trainerroad, bike trainer only tool; creates custom workouts based on your current power.
  • Bkool, bike trainer only tool; simulate courses and participate in online multiplayer races.
There are two bike training tools on the list. I use Trainerroad for targeted practice, however, it can be a bit boring, there is a single screen with your current stats, counters, and an overview of the current training. Based on my training schedule I switch to Bkool for a more immersive experience, being part of a 40+ person online race enables me to dig deep while having a lot of fun.

Data synchronization

My goal is to have all, applicable, training synced 

One of the first things you will run into when starting to collect data is how to synchronize your data between all tools, sites, and drives. 
Note that device manufacturers also have their own sync options; I prefer using that option and use a dedicated syncing tool as a fallback.


Note that Trainingpeaks has two syncs, one for activities and one for body measurements such as weight and fat percentage; named "Health". You have to link both syncs separately.


Training schedules, fatigue, and performance measurements.


A lot of analytics tools require your data to be on Strava.


An image says all!

Current setup


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