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Visualize your run and ride with offers a very nice service creating a birdseye view of your ride or run, signup is a single click if you use Strava or Garmin. After each training, you will get an email with the direct link to your personalized movie.



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Ultimate limit of human endurance found - BBC News

The ultimate limit of human endurance has been worked out by scientists analysing a 3,000 mile run, the Tour de France and other elite events. They showed the cap was 2.5 times the body's resting metabolic rate, or 4,000 calories a day for an average person. Ultimate limit of human endurance found - BBC News

4 Laws of Muscle

The protein and muscle guru Luc van Loon wants you to bulk up—and keep what you've got. At a conference in 2012, Luc van Loon was presenting some exciting data from a newly published study. After a heroic research effort that took 2. 4 Laws of Muscle